the bean on the scene 4/6

seen in your city:
my co-workers, my Y instructor, a few friends here and there…yeah, haven’t been out so much this week.

ok 2 things here:
1) i just can’t picture meredith reporting serious news. nothing more serious than star jones’ weight loss anyway.
2) “who wants to be a millionaire” is still on? really?,19736,1180780,00.html

sounds like he’s a little more like joey tribbiani after all…,19736,1180477,00.html

ok there needs to be some plan to rescue katie. did anyone watch “rosemary’s baby”? i can’t remember how the girl ended up escaping the cult. oh wait after she had the baby, they didn’t care about her anymore right? correct me if i’m wrong…and let’s see what happens to katie in the next few weeks…

ouch. i wish ryan would just jump out of the closet already…

is she carrying her silk pillow, or does her plastic belly look extra fake today? thanks AS!

hahahaha! i totally must have this. although, when you can buy them ready-made at $0.88 a gross, i’m not sure why anyone would need a peep maker. i do love them though.

yesterday’s news…but please let it be true. i might start watching the show again if “cheeseburger cheeseburger” finally leaves. maybe she’ll die of a drug overdose….on the show of course.

ok. i have to go. there is more out there i’m sure but the masters is on and hottie adam scott is up next…

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