the bean on the scene 3/31

seen in your city:
any nicole and keith lately? i might actually hit up a coffee shop for the first time ever to see if i spot them!

well, i guess joey is single again…what ever happened to his solo show anyway? i don’t think it took off quite the way “frasier” did…,19736,1178665,00.html

did anyone see this? i think the “crucifixins” rumor of the cooking show on jack’s network would have been funnier…,19736,1178917,00.html

skeletor and jared the subway guy are back together…,19884,1177631,00.html

well, apparently half of those sightings were false anyway. i just think this whole situation is funny!

and also re: gawker stalker…gotta love BWE. they so make me laugh! i esp love the talan / taylor one. apparently being engaged to kim stewart only extended his 15 minute of fame to about 20 minutes…it was talan right? it was all such a blur…

THIS is why i don’t work for celebrities…well, this and the fact that i’ve never actually had the opportunity to apply for a job with a celebrity…but, if i were in the housekeeper’s position, i envision myself taking naomi out with one of my fabulous kickboxing moves…

2nd item, after the write-up of yet another abusive celeb…steph when you dined with (ok near) gwennie, did she have her beer funnel with her? just curious…

ok a few things here:
1) WTF? scary that lil’ 4yo maddog already KNOWS about real tattoos, and wants one. scarier that angelina wants to let him get one.
2) sounds like brad is finally trying to steal the family pants from angelina. it’s about freaking time.
3) a henna tattoo…better than a real tattoo, but brad, haven’t you heard of those temporary ones that you can get out of a cracker jack box? come on…as a child i loved those. i had wonder woman ones to go with my underoos. and actually, i thought that any time i saw someone with a tat, it had come from a cracker jack or cereal box. oh to be young and naive. heck i’m still naive to a point. just wish i was still young.

thanks LH for sending this in!! MJ is much more entertaining as a little person…

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