the bean on the scene 3/30

seen in your city: i’ve got nothing.

r.i.p. hooters air…sorry guys!

2 things are going on here: 1)teri is trying to show the public she’s over being dumped by george clooney and 2) ryan is trying to show the public that he’s a heterosexual. good luck kids!

yeah, i like to waste $2,000 a week on shitty old jags too. because that’s easier than paying $100 to get your car back from the tow-yard.

do it katie. kick him out, give birth, then take the baby and run back to ohio.

ok that’s it gotta run and enjoy this beautiful weather….and a beer!!

i am scared for the third world child that ends up with this ho. more so b/c it means tina and creepy joe will be grandparents. yikes!,19736,1178046,00.html

“…why was he getting hot and heavy with sexy young TV host Vanessa Minnillo…”? b/c he’s a single guy…and has money…and b/c-list fame. simply stated, b/c he can. sheesh.,19736,1178044,00.html

what is seductive about giving birth on all fours on a bearskin rug? NOTHING.,19736,1178049,00.html

i knew i liked justin. and i especially like the way he refers to k-fed as “gross”. like he’s talking to a 10-year old…

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