the bean on the scene 3/28 quickie

ok i’ve been busy today but was checking in at the last minute and OMG…are you f-ing kidding me??? katie needs to have tom’s ass kicked into next year…,,2-2006140204,00.html

“forget brad schmitt”–did nicole and keith look broken up on sunday? did she look like she’s lost 8 pounds and her spirit? hahaha!

hmmmm…my fave lines from kevin re: his new album…
“…my album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!”
“Sure, there’ll be initial shock and awe…”
i think it’s more a message to britney…you play with fire, you get….k-fed. let this be a lesson to us all…,19736,1177894,00.html

ok gotta run…let me know if you’ve got any “seen in your city” entries for the day!

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