the bean back on the scene 3/27

it’s been a fun past week/weekend as i was hanging with my married pals–we’ll call them t & a– and atlanta friend slater at the players championship. i have learned that golf tournaments = HOT guys both on and off the course! lots of fun–thanks again t & a!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

seen in your city: let me know if i’ve missed/forgotten any sightings over the past few days.
sat 3/25 at watermark in nashville, by DW: leeann rimes and hubby dining on fine food…
fri 3/24 thru sun 3/26: lots of great pga golfers including but not limited to tiger woods (even saw him at a port-o-potty just like the GP haha!), sergio garcia (needs to lose the goatee but otherwise hot, also has a sexy caddy who yes heard me call him sexy and gave me a thumbs up), phil mickelson (still has man boobs but still cute in a way) adam scott (HOT young aussie, i had not seen him before)…many others. i highly recommend golf tournaments! ๐Ÿ™‚

wow…$275 million…i can’t even comprehend. he’s better off dumping the skanky ho. although i’m sure he’ll be harassed by many more to come after daddy’s money seriously kicks in…

well, his real name is andy samberg, not adam…i’m pretty sure. either way, he totally cracks me up. i’ve never seen him in person but if i did, and he “rapped” about magnolia bakery to me, then heck yes i would canoodle with him too hahaha! this according to NY daily news…
Kirsten Dunst and that Adam Samberg guy from “Saturday Night Live?” Star magazine swears it’s true. Celeb spotters saw the two Monday at Los Angeles’ Hotel Cafe, at a Jose Gonzalez concert. “They were hugging and cuddling during the show,” says a witness. “Adam arrived at the club an hour before his date, but when Kirsten arrived, he went outside in the rain to walk her in from her car and didn’t leave her side the whole night.”

berg, although bidding has ended, thought you’d especially like these…wasn’t lo your fave? and i’m really wondering who would need a bikini rack in their car…why not i guess?!
and for kristin’s…

this basically interests me only b/c i heard from CMcY’s friend in natchez that sienna was dating hayden…who knows. or really cares. sarah let us know if you see her on any more flights to shreveport! and who she is with of course…

from the ick files…i mean come on clay. just admit you’re gay. everyone knows it and doesn’t really give a tiny rat’s ass. you favor show tunes. you have spiky hair with a lot of gel product. all of your biggest fans are young girls and desperate housewives. and honestly, do you really think a murder mystery dinner is the best place to try to prove your heterosexuality?

you know what natalie? i don’t want to be working either. if i had a ton of money, then i probably wouldn’t. but the way you say it, anyone “working for money” is comparable to a hooker. i have to disagree. i can’t wait to see the look on my boss’ face when i tell him that he is running a whorehouse. all of his traders, marketing reps and salesmen are simply call girls and male hos. the look will be priceless…

let me know if you’ve heard any other good gossip in the last oh, 5 or 6 days…i was a little out of the loop!

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