the bean on the scene 3/21

seen in your city:
anyone? haha this is from page six re: gawker stalker. steph and kate, at least we know your sightings are real! aren’t they?! i might just start to second guess you! 😉

just because you make paris and nicky into animated characters doesn’t make them kid-friendly. here are some things the show could not focus on, being a children’s cartoon: drugs, drinking (underage or otherwise), hard partying, skimpy outfits, steamy homemade sex videos, pictures of lesbian activity…to name a few. now, what does that leave for storylines? shopping i guess.,,4-2006130216,,00.html

wonder if oprah has a “team aniston” tee?

i wonder if LC is pissed that kristin is getting all of the press. wonder if she and jessica are still hanging out in the LB…and i would have to agree with nick’s friends…of course kristin is using him to further her career. but doesn’t everyone in showbiz use everyone else? what’s the big surprise?

that’s all i’ve got for today…

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