the bean on the scene 3/20

seen in your city:
wow. ok MB and steph, y’all have to add to these and correct me if i’m wrong…but this is what i have turned in as of this morning…
sat. 3/18, starbucks nashville…MB saw nicole and keith. wonder if they got married this weekend? HA!
sat 3/18, NYC. which restaurant, steph? saw a fabulous four…a preg gwyneth and chris martin, and beyonce and jay z dining a few tables away. would not have put them together as dining buddies, but hey–great sighting!

anyone else?

steph, is this your write-up on gawker?
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chris and Gwyneth
Mar 18th, 2006 @ 8pm
Fabulous Foursome sighting – Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Jay Z and Beyonce dining together at Elio. Oscars, Grammys, Cosmetic Products, Oh My! didn’t appear to be a business dinner. just 2 super-couples out for dinner on a Saturday night.

why do rich folks always name their kids barron? ok well not always barron but something like it…i guess it’s just rich-sounding. i would have liked to see a “joe trump” or something more normal. would have shown he’s a “man of the people”. well, i guess that’s the image tucker is aiming for, not trump. haha.,19736,1174769,00.html

i mean just go already katie. don’t let the door hit you on the way out. the sooner you leave, the sooner i’ll resume watching the today show. oh wait, no i won’t. b/c designing women comes on at the same time.

poor donna martin…seems like daddy warbucks is about to cut off all ties…here’s hoping that “so noTORIous” will be a raging hit (who are we kidding?) so that you won’t be penniless…that’ll teach you to make fun of mom’s ebay room.

you think they were talking about you paris? well you’re right, they probably were…

and since her feelings were hurt by greek boytoy #2, paris runs back to greek boytoy #1 for a little lovin’…allegedly.

hmmm…who thinks this one will make it past the editing room? not me. sorry, nick.

ok. that’s all i’ve got for today. happy spring!!!!

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