the bean on the scene 3/17

happy st. patrick’s day! is everyone else wearing green pants and watching basketball at work too? of course you are…go northern iowa! i think there is still hope for me in that bracket…
UPDATE: oh well…i didn’t have them going that far after all.


seen in your city:
last night, 3/16 at virago–2 titans players, i’m not sure who they were. aren’t you surprised. anyway, i just heard the table behind us talking about them being titans players.

also last night, 3/16 at cabana–one of the girls from bachelor season 6 (with charlie)…no i don’t know who it was. but the guys at the next table sure did. apparently they were big fans of the show, and more specifically, this girl.

here you go all you dallas fans…a clue to who may play lucy…i don’t know who i would go with…jess? she is from dallas, after all…and again, i don’t recall, but did lucy have a coke habit or eating disorder? that could be a decision maker…,,50001-1215565,00.html

even brad’s family knows she’s crazy and has him under her spell…

i have heard around town that reese isn’t the sweetheart she portrays on camera (gasp!). but i still like her. besides, in addition to telling me once that she liked my outfit (making us best friends) she also asked me if the flip flops she was buying were too childish (since we were in a gapkids store). so, being BFF with reese, i sure hope her marriage isn’t on the rocks. i’m not a very good counselor…

oh for crying out loud…while i’d like to see stars do good with their money/fame/etc., i don’t think adopting babies should be the new black…

i like jack johnson too…but but i won’t think it’s hot if he goes for paris…

ok not really much out there today…go villanova…for some reason i have them going to the final 4. i don’t know why. anyway, is anyone celebrating st. pat’s in boston, chicago, or savannah? if you are, have fun. anyone know WHY those are some of the top celebrating st. pat’s day locations? i’ve always wondered but don’t feel like researching. ok i’m out.

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