the bean on the scene 3/16

seen in your city: i’m still waiting to run into my gal reese at the mall, so she can tell me she likes my outfit…as she did about 6 years ago…but for now, i’ve got nothin’.

you know, there are preg rumors with every star…don’t know what i think about this one but it’s funny to consider. what would porn producing papa joe DO if his little ho got knocked up? my guess is she wouldn’t know who the baby belonged to either…

and more from the redneck files…i can’t believe britney actually has a child. she should not be allowed. just proves that money does NOT equal class…

and more…i mean, it’s just too much. again with the money but no class…BUY SOME FLIP FLOPS you ho! sheesh. serves her right that she stepped on a needle. but i bet we’ll still see pics of her walking around gas stations barefoot.

what a great idea…you go Three 6 Mafia! not quite as cool as carrying around a 40 in a paper bag, but hey i guess pulling out some malt liquor wouldn’t impress the bouncers quite as much…

sad for tom, but i just couldn’t help but laugh at imagining him describing his fishing incident. heck i can’t imagine him fishing

hahahaha BWE makes me laugh. they are correct though. who is amanda bynes again? see, i don’t know her since she doesn’t have an eating disorder, hasn’t gotten busted with blow, has no lesbian past and doesn’t seem to have a long list of ex-boyfriends/hook-ups/affairs. she is totally screwing up her chance at pure stardom…

ok gotta run…need to defend my dawson’s creek bracket.

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