the bean on the scene 3/15

seen in your city: ok all i’ve got is from sarah–thanks for stalking while on vacation! 🙂
I saw Tommy Moe in Jackson Hole and Young Buck at the airport yesterday (3/14).

and THIS is what people mag deemed appropriate “breaking news” and felt the need to send out a text yesterday…i don’t know if i would put that into my life-changing information category, i.e. jessica/nick breakup. michael bolton–who cares? but he does look less creepy without the long hair.,19736,1173027,00.html

i have a new respect for michael douglas…anyone who will brangelina-bash is #1 on my list!,19736,1173399,00.html

ok now i was just a young thing when dallas aired, so i may not remember correctly…but i’m pretty sure sue ellen was not HISPANIC with a large booty. or am i crazy? i also didn’t think JR ever had any great dance moves…doesn’t JT dance in each of his films? and luke wilson…i just can’t separate him from old school, royal tenenbaums, etc. enough to fully support him in dallas. i just can’t. LOVE him though.,19736,1173396,00.html

my fave part about this pic? not that it’s taken in nashville (damn, why can’t i ever see them anywhere? they’re here all the freakin’ time…) but the sign on the door that reads “end parking rage now”. LOVE it. thanks to laura for pointing out that it must be the green hills location since they have those signs up. i don’t usually get in a serious rage over the bad parking sitch, but i do get slightly irritated. nothing that a cold beer at corner pub can’t alleviate.,19884,1172848_3,00.html

seriously. did they really let paris drive this thing? i didn’t even think she KNEW how to operate a car. she gets her nasty ass driven around all the time by her poor “slaves”. cool car though. anyone know a hot young man who may own one?! feel free to pass on my number.,19884,1172848_9,00.html

alien contact ring likely from cracker jack box: check.
rosemary’s baby (or fake pregnant stomach): check.
white dress in a desperate plea to the world that she was artificially inseminated by a crazed cult: check
scientology wedded bliss: WTF??? run katie run.

and in other alien i mean tomkat news, i wonder what the translation of “it’s a boy” is on planet mars?

uh….GROSS. who would PAY to see him strip? and it’s a likely outcome, since i’m not sure that “papazao” will make above the $1 benchmark. and another thing–brit may be slightly red and trashy, but at 24 i would hardly refer to her as his “old lady”. f-ing rat bastard. i don’t think i’ve ever despised anyone so much in my life.

quote of the day from kid rock, as reported by jeanneatte walls…
“Ambien is fun,” he is quoted as saying. “I sprinkle that on my cereal, kinda like sugar.”

this is SO FREAKIN’ FUNNY. i think i want to find jack o’brien and marry him, if he’s single. and in my age range. and cute. anyway, i think i fall somewhere between “you” and “your bosses daughter”. and does anyone else think that berg may be “the bracket pro” jack speaks of? hi-LARIOUS.

how can you say “marriage is a big deal” and “i’d like to see what marriage is like just for a minute” in the same conversation? quit lying lindslo…you’re somehow jealous of brit. to cure this jealousy, please see the current husband of britney spears and i’m sure you’ll think twice about “trying out” this wedding thing.

ok this “d-list celebs in action” reality show trend has gotten WAY out of hand. and p diddy? am i in an alternate universe?

whew! lots to catch up on after missing a day. and i’m hungry. on that note, i’ll go to lunch now.

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