the bean on the scene 3/9

ok first, before i start…2 things i forgot this morning. 1) how windy and stormy it was supposed to be today and 2) my roll tide underwear. what do they have in common you may ask? well, since it is so warm out, and i am TIRED of wearing the same old “transitional” (winter to spring) pants to work, i decided to wear my first skirt of the season…no hose, tights, etc. i NEVER wear those things yuck. anyway, so i’m walking across the downtown street on my lunch break, and notice all the KY fans swarming the area. oh yeah…SEC b-ball playoffs at the GEC today. well, right about that time a gust of wind blows my entire skirt up around my waist. in front of the KY fans. which is why 1)i should not have worn my first skirt of the season on a windy day and 2)i at should have at least worn my roll tide underwear. i am WEARING underwear though whew!

ANYWAY…such is my life, on to the dirt…!

uggghhhh…but this shouldn’t come as any type of shock. i mean, i think having an open marriage is better than having to wear a vial of your lover’s blood around your neck. if those are your options brad, then choose what’s behind door #1. heck don’t choose either. GET OUT NOW!!!!

webster’s is awesome…they just better not put any k-federisms in there. if they do then i will boycott the dictionary. wait…do i even use the dictionary anymore? no. unless my “word of the day” email counts.

i love it…”just another day in taradise”…and honestly, if i were the person she hit, i would have demanded a lot more than $700. now i don’t know the damage to the car but it’s probably easily more than that…car fix-it places rip you off these days.

Such versatility: Announcing a lost cat, deconstructing the cliches of announcing a lost cat, and attempting to salvage a botched hookup attempt, all on one 8-and-a-half-by-11 sheet. The hipsters really are better than the rest of us. from gawker–why am is this so funny to me?

um, switching lindslo for dina? i don’t know if the readers of seventeen will be too pleased. although, if you buy the mag b/c lindslo is on the cover and you want to read an interview with her, then you’ll get what you deserve. oh and dina looks scary in this pic.

ok gotta run for now…roll tide! if they even play today…i obviously don’t keep up with b-ball! 🙂

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