the bean on the scene 3/8

note the post titled “disclaimer”–i won’t write it in every time!

seen in your city: i haven’t seen anyone. steph, don’t you have a good story? doesn’t necessarily have to be a sighting…can be a phone convo…!

hahahahaha….kristin c. is worse at punctuation than i am. wonder what new “drama” awaits us on LB3? maybe that pathetic trashy jessica is still in community college. i’m sure she’ll try to sneak on the set.

ok–beer gut or another spawn of k-fed, doesn’t matter… i would NOT be wearing that nasty white trash bikini probably purchased at a “wings” store at gulf shores or PCB. even if i had a perfect body. but ESPECIALLY if i had that stomach…

check out reese’s mba sweatshirt/jacket in one of the pics…i must say, my pre-teen year pics were highly different than this too. i MIGHT have had poufy bangs and a gold name chain. and braces with colored rubber bands on them. and tight-rolled acid wash jeans. just like the rest of you admit it! reese obviously had a glamour shots photographer and make-up artist following her at all times…

is it just me or does DJ AM look like an old man wearing back support shoes?,19884,1170576_4,00.html

sooooo….the point of the “restraining” order is…?????

my fave overheardinnewyork for the day…melissa, is this you???!!! 🙂
Yuppie lady: When all is said and done, I was drunk in Banana Republic…
–51st & Lexington


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