Most of what I put on “the bean on the scene” is information from other sites/blogs. I do not claim it as my own! If I do happen to spot a celebrity/a/b/c/dlister doing something ridiculous, or hear some juicy gossip on my own, THEN you better believe I will claim it. I will try to reference the site where I get the info whenever possible. Also, I’ll try to warn if the site has something not work-friendly, but they update these all day so open at your own risk! Last, for time-and-type-saving purposes, I often abbreviate or use acronyms. In no way are these references to people’s initials (well some are but I’ll let you know), stocks you should buy or sell, or anything else you can imagine. Here are some examples, you can use this as a key:OMG = oh my gosh; DC = Diet Coke; SPF = Sean Preston Federline; K-Fed = Kevin “rat” Federline; SATC = Sex and the City; AD = Arrested Development (sadly will not be used that often anymore); BWE = Best Week Ever (VH1 show and blog); GP = General Public; IMO = in my opinion.

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