the bean on the scene 3/6

ok a few things…first, my daily “dirt alert” is now “the bean on the scene”. yes cheesy, but yes catchy. admit it. you like it. it wasn’t my idea either so i won’t try to claim it. the bean, or bean, beanie, etc. is my nickname for those that don’t know this. second, when i’m using my work computer, we have a pretty strick pop-up blocker. which apparently hinders the spell-check tool on this blogsite. so don’t harass me if i misspell things. i’m only human! but if anyone out there knows how to fix this feature please chime in. i also don’t claim to be computer-literate. third, since this is now posted on a blog, and not just an email, i feel that a disclaimer may be in order. see disclaimer post as of 3/8.

ok, now on to today’s the bean on the scene:

seen in your city:
3/4, outside eddie’s sports bar (nashville) while leaving equinox ball (according to laura since i was a little too intoxicated to notice): country singer julie roberts filming some sort of video at 1am, she and crew had to stop what they were doing since OUR crew stumbled onto their “set” on the way to the stage…

um, nick making the rounds??? don’t know if this is true or not but go nick.

ok BWE is giving ENTIRELY too much credit by the headline “pretty girls/pretty dresses”. YUK. see what i mean about michelle? or big bird, i should say:

well if star mag says it, it must be true! hahaha…but seriously, what’s up with these stars breaking pregnancy news to random members of the GP? i.e. angelina to a cambodian aid worker, and now brit to random woman at nail spa? pu-lease.

hahahahaha dlisted hates madonna. i really do like her, but i do think she’s gotten a bit weird lately, a la tom cruise…

trashy tara’s a thief…

that’s all i’ve got for today folks…

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